siam center



Siam Center The Ideaopolis an arena of imagination and creativity without limits in art, fashion, technology and lifestyle

Not only is the new Siam Center an arena for fashion, art and lifestyle, it is also a centre for digital multimedia innovations where the latest in the world’s technologyare brought together to complement the design, interior decoration and functionality of Siam Center.

“Siam Center offers visitors the opportunity to get an experience of cutting-edge technology. With every step you take in Siam Center, you are in the middle of future innovations. You will enjoy the experience of having a close interaction with all technological advances”

Siam Centeris also revolutionising the shopping sector with the close collaboration forged with retailers and owners of premium brands in order to make all stores in the building consistent in character and respond to shoppers’ expectations in the same way.

You won’t find this concept put into practice anywhere but Siam Center. We call this concept

Absolute Siam