National Day Golden Week 2019 Celebration at ONESIAM

Have you ever heard of the saying of early bird gets the worm? Well, exactly, the earlier you plan, the more valuable your trip will be!
Have you finished your trip planning for this year’s National Day Golden Week?

OneSiam has already prepared various promotions, discounts and special offers for all international customers starting from September onward! For anyone of you that is still indecisive on where to shop in Bangkok, now that you’re already reading this, and so you won’t forget all the special offers, we recommend you quickly capture your screens now before it slips away!

Offers from OneSiam insist of multiple layers as below:
·  Spending of 15,000 THB or above, receive a Siam Gift Card worth at 400 THB.

·  Spending of 40,000 THB or above, receive a Siam Gift Card worth at 1,000 THB.
·  Follow our OneSiam official Wechat account to get a free mango sticky rice Thai dessert from Greyhound Café worth at 160 THB (only available at Siam Center branch during 1-7 October 2019).
·  Participate in OneSiam Ctrip Dining campaign by dining at least 1,500 THB to receive a free Siam Gift Card worth at 200 THB (limited to 750 pieces throughout promotional period and redemption may only be made per person/day).

On top from this, we also have other special credit card and payment offers, for instance:
·  With every beauty products purchase via Alipay at either Siam Center and/or Siam Discovery of 2,000 THB or above, get 200 THB Siam Gift Card at the price of only 10 RMB!
·  MasterCard cardholders get free 300 THB Siam Gift card when spending 5,000 THB or above with your MasterCard. Redemption is limited to 2 Siam Gift Cards/day/MasterCard. How wonderful can this be?

From all these valuable promotions and offers, OneSiam must at least be on your checklist to come and celebrate your National Day Golden Week for 2019.
Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to in store communications for further details.


九月开始OneSiam 暹罗商圈就已经准备为外籍游客提供着许多无数的折扣活动和特价优惠!哪位还没想好到了曼谷在哪儿逛?以防忘记,读到这里我们建议是请您先屏幕快照吧。

One Siam 暹罗商圈推出好几层的优惠如:
·  赠送 400 泰铢暹罗礼品卡,当购满 15,000 泰铢及以上

·  赠送 1,000 泰铢暹罗礼品卡,当购满 40,000 泰铢及以上
·  赠送价值160 泰铢的泰国著名餐厅 Greyhound café 的芒果糯米, 只需关注 OneSiam 暹罗商圈公众号. (仅在暹罗中心 Siam Center 的分店, 2019年10月1-7日以内)
·  赠送 200 泰铢暹罗礼品卡,当在参与携程美食酬宾活动的餐厅或咖啡厅消费满 1,500 泰铢。(限量750份,1人/份/天)

·  立抢 200 泰铢暹罗礼品卡,当使用支付宝支付满 2,000 泰铢 (限于暹罗中心 Siam Center 和暹罗探索 Siam Discovery的美妆店) 使用10 元人民币立抢 200 泰铢新品卡
·  万事达卡持卡人专属特惠即可获 300 泰铢暹罗礼品卡,当使用万事达卡购满 5,000 泰铢。而每位可获 2张/天!  实在太完美了!

国庆时期必来 OneSiam 暹罗商圈逛购,生活品味更划算也更优!