Make Thailand Yours with MasterCard

World class privilege, shop till you drop!
From September onwards, OneSiam (Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery) delightfully presents to you the most exclusive world class privilege!
Spend 5,000 THB at OneSiam with your MasterCard to receive Siam Gift Card worth 300 THB for free! You’ll be eligible for only 2 redemptions per card per day.

The more MasterCard cards you have, the amount multiplies! Let’s put it this way, imagine you have 5 MasterCards and for every MasterCard spending of 5,000 THB, you will be eligible for 10 total redemptions of Siam Gift Card worth 300 THB!
Indulge yourself with this privilege that can’t be found anywhere else!

(This privilege is only applicable to international tourists, passport must be shown at the time of redemption, only 2 redemptions are allowed per day and redemption must be made on the same day as the receipt(s). This privilege cannot be redeemed for cash.)

本年9月开始OneSiam暹罗商圈(包含暹罗百丽宫 Siam Paragon、暹罗中心 Siam Center、暹罗探索 Siam Discovery)乐意向您尊敬顾客提供世界等级专属优惠!

万事达卡持卡人可免费乐享 300 泰铢的暹罗礼品卡!
只在OneSiam 暹罗商圈内使用万事达卡购满 5,000 泰铢,  1张万事达卡可兑换 2次。

那么如果您有5 张万事达卡,都使用来付款,
每张都购满五千泰铢,那就等于即可获取 10 张价值300泰铢的暹罗礼品卡!

每张卡可兑换2 次/日,必在同日兑换,不能换成现金,此优惠限制外国国籍游客为止)