ONESIAM Brings Three Leading Brands to Malaysia

ONESIAM Brings Three Leading Brands to Malaysia
Allying with Gorgeous Shopping Center Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. leading Thai SMEs to expand their business to Malaysia with the inauguration of the concept brands, namely Ecotopia, Absolute Siam, and ICONCRAFT grouped under "Discover Siam". These brands showcase the height of contemporary and traditional Thainess intertwined together and produce one-of-a-kind offerings at Pavilion Bukit Jalil, a new forefront project in Malaysia under cooperation with Pavilion Group, the largest shopping center developer in Malaysia.
The launch of "Discovery Siam" event in Kuala Lumpur was honored by Mrs. Piyapin Niyomreks, Deputy Head of Mission, Royal Thai Embassy (representing His Excellency Chainarong Keratiyutwong, Ambassador of Thailand to Malaysia) who presided over the event.
The three stores are designed with different art features and installations, generating a unique and fascinating ambiance to bring awe and wonders to Malaysian customers and shoppers.

Siam Piwat携手马来西亚领先最大的购物中心Pavilion Group,把泰国元素带上世界舞台,隆重推出Discover Siam的概念店:Ecotopia, Absolute Siam ICONCRAFT 。欢迎光临马来西亚Pavilion Bukit Jalil 2楼。
传统与现代元素结合,呈现全新泰国特色,为您奉上独一无二的商品和服务,3家店铺设计极具艺术感,包括Art Installation,营造充满吸引力的购物氛围。

• Ecotopia, an eco-conscious community of environmentally friendly products, has created an art installation called 'Siam Yak' which was constructed using recycled plastic parts and other materials. Selected showcased brands include MAG FISH, SEASUN Society, CHEWW.CO and SUPERBEE.

Ecotopia】是环保爱好者的世界,由品牌长期支持的艺人打造“Siam Yak”,这是一个用塑料盒其他可回收材料制作的巨型人偶,销售的品牌即MAG FISH, SEASUN Society, CHEWW.COSUPERBEE

• ICONCRAFT, a hub of inspiration to showcase premium Thai craftsmanship with a collection of the best crafts by Thai craftsmen across the country, is the space designed and decorated by Suwan Kongkhunthian, the owner of Thai furniture brand namely 'YOTHAKA'. Selected brands that will be sold in the store include 5VIE SIS, Graph, Bangkok Baskets, COSMOS AND HARMONY, and KITTHA KHON.

ICONCRAFT】汇集泰国各地能工巧匠的手工精品,由YOTHAKA品牌创始人Suwan Kongkhunthian设计,精美手工加上巧妙设计,让人爱不释手,让销售这些手工艺品的品牌更加充满吸引力,包括:5VIE SIS, Graph, Bangkok Baskets, COSMOS AND HARMONYKITTHA KHON

• Absolute Siam, a trendsetting store offerings one-of-kind contemporary and bold fashion products, has brought in the well-known and can't be missed 'Tuk-Tuk' from Thailand to serve as the landmark of the area with some of the innovative Thai fashion brands, such as Mahanakhon, TA.THA.TA, CORALIST, and ANONA.

Absolute Siam】有很多创意日用品,现场摆设的泰式嘟嘟车瞬间让商店氛围充满泰式风情,泰式潮流商品应有尽有,包括 TA.THA.TA, CORALIST, ANONA