Siam Center presents XEVA x 789 Cosmic Playground

Siam Center presents XEVA x 789 Cosmic Playground
Today – 7 January 2024

暹罗中心推出 XEVA x 789 宇宙操场盛会

Siam Center presents the XEVA x 789 Cosmic Playground event, featuring 24 popular artists from 789 who will participate in special performances and showcase a new ultra-modern graphic art exhibition created by XEVA, a renowned artist from South Korea.

缤纷曼谷冬季活动来袭!暹罗中心推出XEVA x 789 宇宙操场盛会,活动期间789 团队24名当红艺人将带来独特表演,并有韩国著名街头艺术家XEVA创作的新插画吸人眼球。

XEVA's artwork has been showcased in major art exhibitions around the world, including in New York, London, Tokyo, and Shanghai. His collaboration with the iconic "Graffiti BTS 10th Anniversary" alongside the BTS boy band has generated a lot of excitement in Seoul. Now, XEVA is all set to mesmerize the audience in Bangkok with his latest creations!

XEVA的作品曾在纽约、伦敦、东京、上海等世界各地的主要展览中展出,与防弹少年团偶像艺人合作的著名涂鸦防弹少年团十周年纪念在首尔市中心引起了巨大轰动。现在,是时候用最新的设计在曼谷中心赢得大家的尖叫了!暹罗中心Siam Center推出XEVA x 789 宇宙操场,携手78924位当红艺人,变身789宇航员创作专属于自己的艺术品。

From today until 7 January 2024, the 789’s 24 astronauts will take everyone on a space journey to the ultimate festival destination in the world. A space filled with galaxies of fun, ready for everyone to land and welcome. Whether it's the 789 Giant Rocket, 789 Cosmic Space, astronaut gear, or the ONESIAM Interactive Booth in the Siam business district, including the 789 Constellation Wall, everyone can interact with astronauts in a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere. Surrounded by cutting-edge AR technology, the activities at Siam Center are prepared for the upcoming New Year's festival!

即日起至 20241 7 日,789团队 24 名特邀宇航员已做好准备带领大家穿越太空,前往世界最佳节日目的地“ Siam Center presents XEVA x 789 Cosmic Playground 宇宙游乐场,一个充满乐趣的宇宙,已准备好着陆迎接全民,包括789巨型火箭、789宇宙太空、789宇航员装置和ONESIAM暹罗商圈互动展台,还有789星球墙,让大家在浓浓的节日氛围中和飞行员的包围下感受超具创意的AR技术。暹罗中心精心准备的活动,一直持续到跨年!

Explore the universe together and experience a celebration atmosphere like never before at Siam Center. The cosmic playground is bound to be thrilling! Come and enjoy it on the M and G floor at Siam Center!