ONESIAM measures against the new coronavirus (COVID-19)

A Set of Measures, ONESIAM cares for you.
1. Install check points with a thermal scan at every main entrance.
2. Provide more than 300 hand sanitizer gel service points throughout all the shopping centers.
3. Make an organized flow at entrances and exits to avoid a crowded situation.
4. Lift staff stand by to push a lift button.
5. Clean surfaces in public places and lift push buttons every 30 minutes.
6. Additional disinfection system and higher frequency of air conditioner cleaning are available.
7. Employees wear a face mask during their duties.
8. Spray disinfectant every single day after the shopping centers close.
9. We take strongest precautionary measures.

ONESIAM暹罗商圈包括暹罗百丽宫Siam Paragon、暹罗中心Siam Center和暹罗探索 Siam Discovery 团结起来,充分照顾所有人。 在购物中心正门前设有温度检测器, 购物中心提供消毒液, 整理出入口区域,不要让顾客们走近,为乘坐电梯的每一位顾客按键服务,挤消毒液给每一位顾客, 包括增加清洁公共接触点的频率范围,并让员工在工作时戴上口罩。我们全心全意认真对待工作和大家,并继续照顾每个人。