Siam Center The Summer TrendSetter 2024

Siam Center The Summer TrendSetter 2024 curated by MINT.

Welcome to the exciting and energizing celebration of summer! With the 50th anniversary of Siam Center. Experience a jam-packed schedule of summer events throughout the month, catering to fashion enthusiasts, entertainers, creators, artists, and lifestyle enthusiasts.

Be The First! The ultimate global fashion phenomenon begins at Siam Center, the trendiest city. Stay updated on the latest trends and exclusive collections from top brands before anyone else. Enjoy special activities and vibrant colors of summer at Siam Center to celebrate #SiamCenter50thAnniversary. Witness the fiery runway show "Curated by Mint," featuring the masters of fashion from Mint Magazine showcasing hot and chic items from leading brands.

Be inspired, sharing the mix-and-match ideas to keep your fashion cool throughout this summer.

暹罗中心 MINT 策划的 2024 年夏季潮流引领者。迎接欢乐唤醒夏季能量,超火!超赞!超燃!庆祝暹罗中心Siam Center成立 50 周年,全年都有大活动。来看看整个月的满满夏季活动,满足时尚、娱乐、创作、艺术及生活达人的需求。

成为第一!全球时尚潮流中的最佳,从这里开始-时尚创意之城暹罗中心,最先更新新趋势,更新顶级品牌特别新系列清单,还有各品牌全力推出的特别活动。来暹罗中心以独家夏季色彩庆祝 #暹罗中心50周年,点燃火热创作舞台,还有“Mint策划”的秀场, Mint Magazine杂志时尚大师加入 Mint 风格造型,包括顶尖品牌超热门独特的时装和单品。

Be Inspired 向时尚爱好者传达混搭创意,让他们在这个夏天以超酷的造型来消暑。

Summer Runway Pin the date on March 6th!!
Gather all stunning Summer fashion looks in the grandest fashion event, Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery: World Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2024 presents “Siam Center The Summer TrendSetter 2024 curated by MINT”. Indulge a colorful parade of summer fashion on the runway in the center of Siam.

Discover the latest trends through the hottest models led by the most dynamic artists of the era, BUS (Because of you i shine) AA, THAI, NEX, ALAN, and JUNG, the sizzling ladies from G'NEST, THOMAS, and LATTE from DOMUNDI, and new models creating a colorful spectacle on the runway in Total looks from 15 renowned brands: Absolute Siam Store, ACME DE LA VIE, ADIDAS, ALAND, Baking Soda, Dickies, Frank Garcon, Greyhound Original, Iconic, Leisure Projects, Nike, Pomelo, Rotsaniyom, Smileyhound Greyhound, and Vans.

Join with the fashionistas and be the first to check out the summer trends from around the world, all happening right here in one place!

March 6th from 18:30 onwards at Atrium 1, G floor, Siam Center and M floor, Siam Paragon.

夏季时装秀定于 3 月 6 日举行!!一定要来看的夏季时尚造型!大型壮观的时尚盛典:“暹罗百丽宫、暹罗中心、暹罗探索2024世界春夏时尚趋势” 活动,邂逅来自暹罗中心的造型,以“MINT策划的2024暹罗中心夏季趋势” 为理念,模特们在暹罗中心的舞台上展示时尚的夏季色彩,让时尚达人们通过模特们的展示来更新自己的风格,其中包括当代最火艺人BUS (Because of you i shine) AA,THAI,NEX,ALAN;来自 G’NEST的超火女孩JUNG,VIIS;来自 DOMUNDI的Thomas和Latte,以及新时代模特们,大家以15个知名品牌全身亮相:包括Absolute Siam Store, ACMÉ DE LA VIE, ADIDAS, ALAND, Baking Soda, Dickies, Frank Garcon, Greyhound Original, Iconic, Leisure Projects, Nike, Pomelo, Rotsaniyom, Smileyhound Greyhound, 和 Vans。


3 月 6 日18:30开始, 暹罗中心 G 层Atrium 1和暹罗百丽宫 M 层广场 Parc Paragon。

Summer Live Music Unleash your energetic summer vibe with many artists #FriendofSiamCenter with the sound of music throughout the season.


March 7th, 18:00-19:00 : with sizzling girl, G’NEST : VIIS.

3 月 7 日 18:00-19:00 :相约来自 G'NEST的超火女艺人: VIIS。

March 9th, 14:00-15:00 : ESM Media Entertainment, G-No Nateepat, Nest Peerapat, Dew Kittikon and Bug Danupom.

3 月 8 日 14:00-15:00 :相约EMS Media Entertainment,由G-No Nateepat, Nest Peerapat, Dew Kittikon 和 Bug Danupom带领的团队。

March 9th, 19:00- 20:00 : DFJ Entertainment, Nice Supakorn, Seen Jatekawin and many more.

3 月 9 日19:00-20:00 :相约DFJ Entertainment,由Nice Supakorn、Seen Jatekawin带领的团队还有更多。

Summer Trend Update The fashionistas are getting ready to update the latest fashion trends from numerous renowned brands.


March 8th, 18:00 - 19:00 : MINT Summer Trend, updating lastest fashion trend with Mint Magazine Led by the editorial directors “Kong-Krit” to create fresh looks with the hottest celebrity, Mean Nichkhun.

3 月 8 日 18:00 - 19:00:MINT Summer Trend,更新今年夏天的时尚趋势,来自Mint Magazine杂志,由“Kong-Krit”主编带领的团队参与交谈、创造新造型,还有超火明星 Mean Nichkhun参加。

March 9th, 16:00 - 17:00 : Summer Fashion Runway by Leisure Projects, witness the latest collection on the runway at the center of Siam.

March 10th, 17:00 - 18:00 : Kolour of Siam by KANAPOT, showcasing new collection to celebrate 50th anniversary of Siam Center.

ATRIUM 1, G floor, Siam Center.

3 月 9 日16:00 - 17:00:Summer Fashion Runway by Leisure Projects  夏季时装秀, Leisure Projects 暹罗市中心时装秀舞台上遇见最新系列。

3月10日17:00 - 18:00:Kolour of Siam by KANAPOT一起交谈并见证著名品牌KANAPOT为庆祝暹罗中心成立50周年的新系列发布活动。

暹罗中心 G 层 Atrium 1。

Extra more special collections for SS2024 from many renowned brands, ready to fire this summer like never before: XLARGE , Dickies , Converse, Ravipa, Hasguard, and many more with the refreshing menus to boost your energy till the end of this summer.

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Get ready for the hottest summer and various excitements all at one here Siam Center, the Ideaopolis!

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此外还有来自许多知名品牌的2024春夏特别系列, XLARGE , Dickies , Converse, Ravipa, Hasguard等众多品牌已准备好让这个夏天比以往更加火热,以及消暑系列让你整个夏天都可以尽情出去玩。

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